It’s time you were supported.

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean going it alone. As Coronavirus has increased our comfort with doing more things online, mental health services are more accessible than ever before. Elizabeth Quiros offers online counseling and psychotherapy to people who are ready to receive support.


Depression & Anxiety

Sadness, stress, worry, anger, are all part of life. But none of them should be your whole life. If distressing emotions have taken over, know that it’s okay to feel how you’re feeling, and it’s okay to want to change. The challenge is to accept yourself as you are in this moment, even as you strive to transform. The mindfulness-based interventions I employ can help you to both accept what is and open to what can be.

Caregiver Stress

You care for the young, old, sick, and vulnerable, and know you need to take better care of yourself.

So when you feel compassion turning to anger and resentment, chronic stress turning into anxiety and depression, it’s time to ask for the support you need.

Together we can find a more sustainable way for you to continue this important work.

Personal Growth

It’s not enough to just feel better; it’s natural to want to be better. Better versions of ourselves, better in relationship with others, better in relationship to the world and our purpose in it. Mental health without meaning is incomplete. I can accompany you as you aim higher, asking the Big Questions and finding direction in your personal and professional life.


Mindfulness-based Interventions
Internal Family Systems
Integrating Faith & Spirituality

*More information is forthcoming. Please check back here in October 2020.

Elizabeth Quiros is a Counselor for J. Davidson Counseling, LLC, working under the supervision of Jessica Davidson, LPC (license 2008027607).

Contact directly: elizabeth@eqcounselor.com | 314.200.5766
Online meeting room: https://doxy.me/eqcounselor
Client Portal: https://eqcounselor.clientsecure.me