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Elizabeth helps people with trauma-related dissociation and DID learn to feel safe and connected, both inside and out. Her experience working with DID clients has helped her become an effective guide for making life with DID more manageable, so that you can get on with living as well as healing. Elizabeth offers online and in-person counseling through her own private practice in Eureka, MO.

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If you think Elizabeth might be the right person to help you, contact her directly using the buttons or contact form below. You can also use her online scheduling platform to view her availability and request a free consultation that fits with your schedule.

Elizabeth Quiros is a Licensed Professional Counselor with her own private practice, EQ Counseling, LLC.

Currently accepting new clients for both virtual and in-person appointments in Eureka, MO 63025.
Contact directly: elizabeth@eqcounselor.com | 314.200.5766
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