I bring to the counseling relationship a wide variety of life experiences and extensive education that enable me to meet clients where they are and help them reach where they want to be.

Elizabeth Quiros

M.Ed in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Ph.D in Religion
& M.A. in Religion
M. Phil in Reconciliation Studies


I am a professional counselor who is passionate about helping people find relief from depression and anxiety and find more sustainable ways to fulfill their caregiving roles. I have extensive education and experience in preparing people for professional caregiving roles in ministry and healthcare and have served in such roles myself, both professionally and personally. I appreciate the deep questions about personal responsibility, meaning, and purpose that often arise when caring for others, as well as the toll that being overworked and under supported can have on mental health.

Counseling Experience

As a graduate student and early-career counselor, I have worked with people struggling to cope with life transitions and losses, mood disorders, and relationship difficulties. As a doctoral student in Nashville, TN, I gained experience working with survivors of sexual abuse and manifestations of complex trauma such as dissociative identity disorder and borderline personality disorder. This doctoral program also provided me with the expertise to integrate faith and spirituality into the healing process when this is desired by the client.

Formerly Pastoral Counseling Centers of Tennessee (PCCT)

Teaching Experience

I have experience teaching clinical healthcare ethics, public health ethics, theological bioethics, and the ethics of geriatric care to students going into medicine and public health. I appreciate the complex ethical dilemmas faced by people who provide care to the sick and dying in a variety of contexts. My background teaching pastoral theology & care and supervising the field experiences of students entering ministry prepared me to meet the unique challenges of people who care for others as an expression of their faith.

Nonprofit Experience

I have experience teaching pastoral care to students entering ministry and experience working in small local nonprofits. I was most recently part of an intentional community that provided hospitality to homeless women, children, and transgender persons. I appreciate what it means to try and meet endless need with limited material and emotional resources.

Elizabeth Quiros is a Counselor for J. Davidson Counseling, LLC, working under the supervision of Jessica Davidson, LPC (license 2008027607).

Contact directly: elizabeth@eqcounselor.com | 314.200.5766
Online meeting room: https://doxy.me/eqcounselor
Client Portal: https://eqcounselor.clientsecure.me

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