How much do you value mental and emotional health?

You need to value this more than I do, and I value it a whole hell of a lot. I value your psychological health enough to dedicate the last 20 years of my life, along with most of my economic resources, to understanding human nature and methods that support human flourishing. I’d like to put this education and experience to the good use of helping you feel better and achieve your goals.

So now let’s talk about the cost to you…

I value the work you do for others, and I do my best work with clients who value the work I do for them.

My full fee is $95 per 50-minute session, with the option of a sliding fee as low as $65/session, depending on household size and income.

Clients care for me through this fee by providing me with the resources to live a healthy life. This, in turn, empowers me to be fully present with each client.

Sliding scale is based off of M.I.T.’s living wage calculation for St. Louis in 2020
Fees are per 50-minute session. I’m sorry, I do not accept insurance at this time.

First session is always $65

Elizabeth Quiros is a Counselor for J. Davidson Counseling, LLC, working under the supervision of Jessica Davidson, LPC (license 2008027607).

Contact directly: | 314.200.5766
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