Support for Childhood Trauma

Healing Childhood Trauma

Support for Adults with Abusive & Dysfunctional Childhoods

When the past won’t let go…

We all carry wounds from our family of origin. But adult children of dysfunctional, abusive, and neglectful families carry especially heavy burdens that can affect relationships and functioning in adulthood. Unresolved grief and trauma can begin to show up in the form of depression, anxiety, dissociation, and interpersonal conflict.

You’ve probably tried to leave behind the family dysfunction, abuse, and neglect you grew up with, but it won’t let go of you. Maybe you’ve tried to bury it and “just move on,” but it refuses to stay buried. Maybe you’ve tried talking it out in therapy, but the insights you gained in the process haven’t yielded the emotional healing you were hoping for.

The good news is, old wounds don’t have to hurt forever.
With courage and effort, we can release the pain of the past that is causing you harm in the present.

We dive deep…

The work we do together will go beyond traditional talk therapy. We won’t just talk about your past and present struggles, we will talk to the parts of yourself that are holding onto old ways of thinking and feeling in order to help them to let go of patterns that no longer serve you.

This type of deep engagement with your internal world is sometimes referred to as “inner child work,” “reparenting”, or “parts work.” It entails learning new ways of relating to your thoughts and emotions by strengthening your capacity for self-compassion.

And make peace…

With mindfulness techniques informed by Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, you can learn to befriend your past, rather than continue being haunted by it. You can help the parts of yourself that have been weighted down with burdens from childhood to finally let them go. You can experience the peace that comes from welcoming all the parts of yourself that you have been causing you pain, and see how that acceptance brings about transformational healing.

Elizabeth Quiros is a Licensed Professional Counselor with her own private practice, EQ Counseling, LLC.

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